Indoor lighting

Indoor tennis courts

The tennis indoor lighting system Aerolux PS450 consitst of 8 LED luminaires per tennis court. Herewith an average horizontal lighting level of 500 lux is reached. This is according to class II (competition) of the European Standard EN 12193. Optionally the lighting installation can be switched in 2 levels of 300 and 500 lux either manually or with your smartphone.

The newest LED luminaires combine an optimal optical and thermal design to give an efficient solution to light your tennis court. The optical design is in such a way that a maximum amount of light falls on the court and a minimum amount falls beside the court. The LED luminaires consist of multiple LED light sources that can be aimed individually; this results in a uniformily lit tennis court. The luminaires fit on the existing infrastructure.

The advantages of LED are i.a. immediate on/off switching, dimmable and switchable while retaining an optimal uniformity and a lower energy consumption. The energy savings are strongly dependent on the current lighting system and the amount of operating hours. Because of the high number of operating hours LED lighting is strongly recommended for indoor tennis courts.